All these Workshops and more puppet making ideas can be used on

“Make and Take” workshops and professional development- lectures/demonstrations.

1. (Mouth puppet, spoon puppet, paper puppet, foam ball puppet, recycle puppet, sock
puppet, stick puppet, marionette, and more options possible upon your needs).

2. Bring your puppet to life: Make a puppet and learn how to manipulate it so it has a life of
its own.
3. How to use your puppet to help you teach a new language.
4. Creative ways to introduce numbers, shapes and colors for young children.
5. To tell a story. How can you make a story fun, interactive and memorable for your
6. “Drama in the classroom”. Introduce your students to important tools that actors use:
voice and body. Learn how to teach them simple acting techniques so they can express different
emotions and use their imagination for pretending to be somewhere else or someone else.
7. Travel to many places without leaving your classroom. “Imaginary touring” and games that
your students would love using the imagination.
8. Creative ways to teach new vocabulary words to your able to read and write students.
9. Make Simple paper puppets with your students and teach them body parts, clothing and
accessories names.
10. Science and puppetry? Make a flower puppet and learn about the stem, root, petals and
leaves. Add a little butterfly on top of your new flower puppet and learn that all insects are
bugs, but not all bugs are insects.
11. What Puppets and new vocabulary words can do together?
12. Can puppet making teach fractions?? Making foam ball puppets teach your students about
patterns, measurements and yes, even simple fractions.
13. How to incorporate puppets into your lesson plans? (Tailored to your specific needs
14. Make a simple puppet stage for you or your students to use in the classroom. A simple
science board folds easily and takes little room.
15. Make a magnetic board covered with felt to help you with your lessons. (Upon your needs
the objects that will go on the board will be created)

16. Masks in the classroom; Make paper plates masks on a stick with your students to use for
specific subject you need to teach. Or make a big large mask from construction paper that
gives the illusion of much taller person.
17. “Darkness shed light” when teaching something new…Black light and glow in the dark
construction paper illuminates any new material that you may teach. (Images, shapes,
Vocabulary words, numbers, letters and even math equations).
18. “Dark stories shine” Great workshop for teachers of older students who would like to
involve their students in creating the glow in the dark images and present their stories for
their classmates.
19. Nursery rhymes come to life with simple art and music. Make the cow jumping over the
moon, the spider, rain and sun, and more.
20. Shadow puppets in color.
21. Shadow puppets for the shadow theater.
22. Make your stuffed animals into a puppet.
23. HI-LOW- Dancing in the classroom? Fun simple exercises routine for you and your students
combined with some singing
24. Rhythm in the classroom? With simple tools anyone can drum. Slow, fast, strong soft.

Nitsana’s workshops are fresh, innovative, fun and educational. Any of them can be tailored
to your specific needs, and Nitsana can create a special presentation for your event.