About Nitsana

 Storyteller, puppeteer, educator, writer and owner of Puppets Props and Plungers LLC;

Nitsana Lazerus, has a strong stage presence. She is uplifting, dynamic, and full of positive energy, and her delivery is animated and engaging. She performs in English as well as Hebrew. If needed, she can incorporate Spanish vocabulary. Her own life story is intriguing, and her “sub-stories” vary from humorous to dramatic. NOW with covid 19 that is placing us all behind screens, Nitsana can transmit her energy and  enthusiasm with her puppets, using creative skills and innovative ideas so the audiences can participate and enjoy via ZOOM.

 “When you work with puppets, you need to sing and speak in many voices to give each puppet a personality and character. I have a few hundred puppets, and no, I do not have a few hundred voices, but enough to be called “A VOICE ACROBAT!”

Nitsana has always loved telling stories to others. The children living on her block used to call her to come down and tell them her stories

As an adult, Puppets and props joined Nitsana for her storytelling world, adding a variety of characters and personalities to her performances.

A voice Acrobat is the name given to her recently by a viewer/friend; Nitsana also produces songs, animal sounds, and special effects using nothing but her voice.  She speaks Hebrew and English and is able to use Spanish if needed. Her puppets know a bunch of words in many languages.

Nitsana’s puppets immediately connect to people and work wonders when they interact.

As a teacher trainer, teacher and educational performer, Nitsana has been using her puppets to train children, teachers and caregivers when learning something new, when reinforcing material studies, and when in need to solve conflicts. 

Zoom is the new way to communicate these days and Nitsana is ready to share her world, services and many more creative ideas with this world. Are you in?


1977-1978- University of Tel-Aviv Medical School, Israel- Physical Therapy School Student

1978-1979- Israeli military-  Air force: while studying jet engines, wrote, performed and directed shows for unit                                                                              

1982-1984- Ruth and Her Puppets, Israel.  Daily classes in puppet making, puppet manipulation techniques, stage production, and sound systems                                     

Story time with puppets weekly performances in a community center in Israel; brought her first interview for a mainstream newspaper about her unique approach to hands on and interactive education with puppets and props.·       

1984-1986-“Created her own puppet theater “Nitsana and her puppets” and started performing in preschools and birthday parties.        

1983- General Puppetry Course, Open University of Tel-Aviv (Puppet making and manipulations)          

1983-1984- Judith Diches, University of Tel-Aviv Drama School –  (Took Private acting lessons, with former All My Children star and off-Broadway actress Judith Diches).             

1982-1985- Adna Vretheim, Professional Puppet Maker and Instructor  was a Personal mentor and private teacher in puppet making skills.    ·        

1987- Carol Figan, Long Island. Studied puppetry with Carol Figan.

1986-1988- Patchogue, Hebrew teacher in a private Jewish school (Long Island, NY)

1988-2012- Congregation Shaar Hashalom, Houston- Hebrew teacher  

1988-1989-Kol Ami Jewish Congregation, Houston- Kindergarten teacher·         

1995-2001-Congregation Shaar Hashalom- School principal 

1988-2009- Community Center in Clear Lake  City-Certified Water Fitness Instructor

 1988-2015- Attended numerous educational and Professional workshops while a teacher, principal, and puppeteer. Also started presenting workshops                              

 2009- Judy O’hare, Atlanta Georgia.  Puppetry in education and therapy workshop                                                           

1979- 2018- During this period performed in different venues like: Schools, preschools, libraries, nursing homes, special needs centers, museums, community centers, city centers, nature centers and local synagogues and churches. Was a feature speaker in early childhood education conferences and featured on local TV channels in Pasadena TX and League city Texas. Performed and presented: In Israel, New York Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois and Massachusetts.     



PBS- in studio performance for reading rainbow party.

Houston- Director- Annual Summer art camps- with props and puppets. Final performances directed and written by Nitsana.·        

1979-1982- Israel Shelanu (Our Israel newspaper), NYC- Published children’s songs and poems, satire for adults in Hebrew        

1986-1988 Created her own Puppet Theater in Long Island, NY and started performing for different organizations and birthday parties in Hebrew and English.       

1985- (March) “Parpar Nechmad”, Israel- performed with Israeli television stars using puppets from the popular children’s show “Pretty Butterfly”. (like the Mr. Rogers of the USA)·        

2003-2006- Worked for the city of Houston, “Your child can read”- grant program for immigrant families. Teaching young children and their family members, English vocabulary, and nursery rhymes; Using songs, games, props and puppets. Adding movement and music and increasing her Spanish vocabulary.·        

1991-2003 United Methodist Church, Houston- “Puppet- teacher” at a preschool program, where developing creative and effective technical skills when ( working with the very young), gained her expertise in early childhood education.       

1991- Presented a voice workshop in the puppetry international festival in Oklahoma     

1993- Maestro the Magnificent, Houston Symphony League – Docent, performed at public schools with other docents

2001- Texas Association of Education of Young Children (TAEYC) “Creative Ways To Teach Young Children” Presentation·

2001-2003- Harris County Department of Education Early Childhood Winter Conference Feature Speaker, “Creative Ways to Teach Children Using Puppets Props and More”                                                                   

2005-2015- Young Audiences of Houston – While working for Young Audiences of Houston as a performer, workshop presenter (for professional development), and an after school teaching artist- wrote specific programs for Texas history, science and such; integrated important issues like Bullying and diversity, into her shows. (That became very popular). 

2012- Fulshear, TX- Dance instructor, choreographer 0children summer camp week.·        

 2010-2013- Teaching artist with the Art Alliance of Clear Lake (CREATED a unique “Drama in the classroom” program for HEAD START schools in Houston and Pasadena, TX)·         

2010-2012- TCA Texas Commission on the Arts   – touring artist for summer specials.                                                                            ·        

2015-2016- Touring artist with YAH (Greater Houston and cities around it)      

2014-2019-  Performed in the greater Chicago area a variety of programs   (JCC, CHABAD summer camp, Hyde Park Children book Fair, Soul Book Fair,

“Little Scholars Club” Pre-school, make music Chicago and Logan center. International house, Maggie Daley Park, Nichols Park, Bixler Park and more.·        

2015- Presented at a bilingual school- LANGO- “Bring a puppet to life, then use it to teach a foreign language”.         

2015-2016-Chicago- Hyde Park, Teaching art camps at SHOP- SouthSide Hub of Production.        

2019- Stoughton, MA- Performed at the finale preschool graduation event with live music by her son, composer Jonathan Lazerus.

2020- Waiting for the first children’s book to be published very soon, working on the launching of PUPPETS PROPS AND PLUNGER LLC online.
11/ 2020 – Nitsana joined Hyde Park Community Players, thanks to the flexibility of ZOOM  and is looking forward to continuing working with them in the future.


“She was delighted. I have not seen pure joy on her face like that. I immediately wanted to video her but couldn’t because it was on the phone. I’ll try something tomorrow. You won’t believe me until you see it. Even her name is Mahala (no K) and she was so in love with the puppet speaking to her and didn’t get sassy about it!”   Dr. B. Harrison

“I love Pierre, I want more of him”  (Orna Manor)